Signed Portrait Drawing of Hesing: Or Xi Cheng

Signed Portrait Drawing of Hesing: Or Xi Cheng

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Author: Hesing (aka Xi Cheng or Xi Sheng)

Portrait of Hesing, Mandarin who traveled in the Keying, a three masted Chinese junk; the first to ever sail from Hong Kong to New York and then further to London. A junk is a type of sailing ship characterized by a central rudder and a flat-bottomed design.

Description: The Keying was a three-masted Chinese trading junk that sailed from Hong Kong in December 1846 with a mixed crew of Chinese and British sailors.  Arriving in London in March 1848 to great fanfare, several different medals were struck to commemorate its appearance.

 It was visited by none other than Queen Victoria, whose right to be the first European woman to visit it was reserved, The Duke of Wellington and Charles Dickens.

Condition: Made out to Hugh Edward Campbell Beaver and signed by Hesing with the equivalent Chinese characters above. Chinese red ink stamp to top left. A little yellowing to edges but otherwise remarkably well preserved, with no foxing. Drawing remains clear and lettering is sharp. Housed in a card backed presentation sleeve. Rare.

Size: 188 x 110 mm (card sleeve 145 x 224 mm)