Missile Summer

Missile Summer

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Author: Booth, Martin
Publisher: Rivelin Press
Description: First Edition
One of 26 specials, made as part of a limited edition run of 500.
Signed and lettered, this being letter F.
The Rivelin Press was established in 1974 by Kevin Borman and David Tipton. Initially publishing Poets with a Yorkshire connection, this was not part of the original criteria set
(Rivelin being a river in the Sheffield area) and between 1974 and 2010, the Press went on to publish over 139 Poets both nationally and Internationally (specifically Latin American Poets)

In 1984 the Press was taken over by Snowden Barnett, whilst David Tipton continued to publish his fiction list under his imprint The Redbeck Press. In 2010, Snowden Barnett published his book The Rivelin Retrospective. The book contains a bibliography of the first 74 publications ( series 1,2 and 3) and three titles from Series 4 2006.

These publications are testament to Rivelin Grapheme Press as an Independent Publishing House. Many went on to become established Poets in the UK, and indeed, worldwide.
These books are now highly sought after, particularly signed and lettered editions.

Condition: Fine. Paperback original.
Size: 210 x 150 mm